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It is to develop a multi-media documentary about committed designers. To meet with them, to understand their profils and to do a presentation of their projects. 

The aim would be to discover inspiring individuals, enabling us to better comprehend the implications of engaged productions, and understand the origins of their project. 

Who ?
Designers , architects, graphic designers, illustrators, craftsmen, stylists ect...


Which commitments ?

Social, political, humanitarian, ecological...

 The aim is to show the many possibilities that exist in creative engagement, to inspire young generations, and also to help me find my way.

I hope to then be able to show the documentary through different exibitions and conferences in art schools. 


Mostly in  France and Europe but why not futher  ... 

When ?

The project will take place during 1 year, from september 2018

Are you a committed designer ?

 Why participate in my project ? 

  • To gain visibility : The documentary will be circulated on several platforms (Press, blog, digital media, video, social network, conference). As well as the opportunity to be a part of a network of committed creatives.


  • Inspire young generations, recruite others for your cause

How to participate ? 

  • 1st Solution : Open your doors for me for a few hours (For an interview, and to discover and exchange thoughts on your projects )

  • 2nd Solution : Allow me to undertake an observation internship during 1 week or more


  • 3rd Solution :  Allow me the opportunity to help you with your projects during one month or more

Does my project

Interest     you ?

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